Pune: Frequent Power Outages Plague Katraj, Citizens Demand Immediate Action

No electricity night darkness
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Katraj, 22nd October 2023: For several days now, areas in Katraj including Shelarmala, Mauli Nagar, Rajas Society, Katraj-Kondhwa Road, Shivashambhonagar, Sukhsagarnagar, and Sainagar, have been grappling with frequent power outages, affecting daily life and damaging electrical equipment due to erratic voltage fluctuations.


Residents report experiencing five to six power interruptions daily, with each outage lasting up to two hours before power is restored. This erratic power supply is causing significant inconvenience and has prompted residents to demand urgent action from the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL).


“The power outages severely impact the functionality of elevators in high-rise buildings, making it difficult especially for senior citizens who are forced to use the stairs,” said one local resident. “We also face issues in pumping water to upper floors during these outages.”


Local businesses are also feeling the pinch. Prasad Pande, who runs a salon in the area, said, “My equipment has been damaged due to the inconsistent voltage. This is affecting my business.”


Sanjay Ghodke, Deputy Engineer at MSEDCL, acknowledged the issue and stated, “We are aware of the outages caused by phase slippage or minor breakdowns. We are working to rectify these issues as quickly as possible and aim to provide uninterrupted power supply to all areas.”


As the issue persists, the frequent power outages not only disrupt the daily lives of the residents but also raise questions about the reliability of the city’s power infrastructure. Amid increasing frustration, citizens continue to demand prompt and sustainable solutions to ensure a steady power supply.