Pune: Friend’s Gruesome Blood Request Takes Deadly Turn in Pimpri-Chinchwad

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Bhosari, 4th August 2023: Pimpri-Chinchwad was struck by a shocking incident that has left both law enforcement and the public perplexed. In a distressing turn of events, a friend’s desire to consume blood resulted in a tragic outcome. The accused, identified as Rahul Lohar, has been arrested by the Bhosari MIDC police.

The victim, Istaq Khan, lost his life after an altercation fueled by a macabre request. The circumstances leading to this harrowing incident began during a drinking session involving Rahul Lohar, Istaq Khan, and two other friends. Amidst the gathering, Istaq Khan astonishingly expressed a desire to drink blood and proceeded to bite Rahul’s neck. A confrontation ensued between the two individuals.

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In an attempt to escape the situation, Rahul managed to break free and fled the scene. Shockingly, mere hours later, Rahul returned to Istaq Khan, vowing retribution. Uttering the chilling words, “Will you drink my blood?” Rahul ruthlessly ended Istaq Khan’s life by bludgeoning him with a stone, fueled by a surge of anger and vengeance.

Both the victim and the accused, Rahul Lohar, had a history of criminal activity, as per the police’s record. The Bhosari MIDC police swiftly took Rahul Lohar into custody following the incident.

Assistant Police Inspector Somnath Panchal is overseeing the ongoing investigation to uncover the full details surrounding this tragic occurrence.


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