Pune: Gang of Trekkers Conquers 11 Forts and Peaks in a 5-Day Mega Expedition

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Nashik, 4th January 2024: In a remarkable display of grit, determination, and camaraderie, the Gang of Trekkers from Pune achieved an extraordinary feat as they conquered 11 challenging forts and peaks in Ahmednagar and Nashik districts within just five days. As 2023 bid adieu and 2024 was welcomed, this group of adventurers embarked on their annual tradition, making it a memorable experience not only for them but for the entire trekking community.

The expedition kicked off in the early morning of December 26, 2023, with the conquest of the renowned Kalasubai Peak, often referred to as the Everest of Maharashtra, situated in Ahmednagar district. This formidable peak, standing at an elevation of 5400 feet, set the tone for the challenging adventure that lay ahead.

Over the next four days, the trekkers navigated through the picturesque landscapes of Nashik and Ahmednagar, summiting a diverse range of forts and peaks. On the second day, they conquered Arihant Fort, Mohandar Fort, and Saptshrungi Gad near Vani in Nashik district. Day three witnessed the ascent of Salher Fort and Salota Fort in the Dolbari Range of Nashik.

Adv. Samrat Rawate, a seasoned trekker and one of the participants in the expedition, shared insights into the challenges faced during the Mega Trek 5.0. Rawate remarked, “This was our 5th consecutive year. Every year we go in the last week of December. Many of the treks this year were fairly hard, but we had many experiences. Some areas were filled with Tribal people. Although they were coordinating, communication, food and other facilities were a problem. Some places had challenging stairs, and other environmental problems were there. With me, there was another person and two girls. We did it.”

Notably, among the participants was 13-year-old Kirti Bijgarni, demonstrating that age is no barrier to conquering nature’s challenges. Alongside her, Mrudula Paralkar and Vishram Kulkarni, embodying the spirit of resilience and determination, completed the demanding mission.

Mega Trek 5.0: A Snapshot

– Trek Period: December 26 to December 30, 2023
– Day 1: Kalasubai Peak (Ahmednagar District)
– Day 2: Arihant Fort, Mohandar Fort, Saptshrungi Gad (Vani, District Nashik)
– Day 3: Salher Fort, Salota Fort (Satana, Dolbari Range, District Nashik)
– Day 4: Mulher Fort, Mora Fort, Hargad Fort (Baglan Region, District Nashik)
– Day 5: Mangi Peak, Tungi Peak (Bhilwad, Taharbad, District Nashik)

As the Gang of Trekkers completes its 5th year of conquering challenging forts, they express their aspiration to expand their horizons. Their eyes are set on future expeditions in the mighty Himalayas, aiming to test their mettle against even more formidable peaks.

The Mega Trek 5.0 stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of adventure enthusiasts and the incredible landscapes that Maharashtra has to offer. It is not merely a trekking expedition but a journey of self-discovery, camaraderie, and an unwavering passion for the great outdoors. The Gang of Trekkers continues to inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the trekking community and setting the bar high for future adventurers.