Pune: Gang Violence and Vandalism Grip Parvati Darshan; Counter Complaints Filed

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Parvati, 30th January 2024: The Parvati Darshan area in Pune experienced a wave of gang violence and vehicle vandalism, leaving residents in fear. A minor was reportedly stabbed during the chaos, leading to conflicting complaints filed at the Parvati Police Station.

Sita Nitin Shendge, a resident of Parvati Darshan, lodged a complaint detailing the horrifying events. According to her account, a group of seven individuals, including Devendra, Ajay Chavan, Sonya Gege, and Shubham Adagale, along with a minor child, created havoc near the Shivraj Mitra Mandal around 12:30 midnight. The gang attempted to assault Shendge’s nephew, Atharva, and in the process, damaged property, including breaking windows of bikes, tempos, and rickshaws in the area. Shendge also reported that beer bottles were broken on the road.

In a contrasting complaint filed at the same police station, a minor has reported a brutal beating with a bamboo. Atharva Pradeep Shendge (19), Nilesh Ashok Chandanshive, and Rajaratan Sunil Gaikwad have been arrested based on this complaint. The minor alleges that Krishna Devendra and Afan Sheikh, among others, were involved in the assault.