Pune: Ghorpadi’s Railway Bridge Set to Open in March

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Ghorpadi, 25th February 2024: The construction of the railway bridge at Thopate Chowk is in its final stages, and plans are in place for its inauguration during the second week of March. To ensure the bridge is opened before the implementation of the Lok Sabha election code of conduct, the construction company has received instructions to expedite the remaining tasks promptly.


The timely completion and opening of this bridge are expected to alleviate the persistent issue of traffic congestion in Ghorpadi. For years, citizens have faced challenges due to traffic jams caused by the railway gate on the Solapur and Miraj railway line, where over 200 trains pass through daily on average. The forthcoming inauguration marks a significant step towards easing the traffic situation and improving the overall transportation experience for residents.


The persisting issue of massive traffic congestion in Ghorpadi during morning and evening hours, causing inconvenience to drivers, school students, and citizens, has prompted the construction of a flyover. The late Defense Minister, Manohar Parrikar, recognized the growing problems faced by local citizens and granted permission for the flyover.


Commencing in 2019 with an initially projected completion timeline of three years, the construction has extended beyond four years. In response to the urgency preceding the Lok Sabha elections, efforts have intensified, and the inauguration of the flyover is scheduled for March 8 or 10.


Srinivasa Bonala, Head of the Project Department, provided an update on the project’s status, stating that the railway flyover in Ghorpadi is in its final stages. The remaining tasks include asphalting and street lighting on the flyover, with completion expected within the next fifteen days. Staircase work is also underway and is anticipated to be finished within a month, marking a significant relief for the community.