Pune: Global Investment Firm AllianceBernstein Donates 50 Laptops for Youth At Hadapsar Lighthouse

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Pune, 16th January 2023: Hadapsar Lighthouse in Pune, India announced that AllianceBernstein, a leading global investment management and research firm, donated 50 laptops to the youth of the Lighthouse Communities Foundation 2023 Lighthouse Event.

This event took place at the Hadapsar Lighthouse Centre, featuring remarks from Cluster Head Aarati Hingne and a demonstration of the technology. Members of AllianceBernstein’s leadership were also in attendance including SVP, Chief Administrative Officer IMO Anthony Rizzi; VP, Director of People – APAC Kathy Kwan; VP, Head of GTO Professional and Organizational Development Allie Feiner; VP, Head of Operations Sathya Mohapatra.

“These laptops will have a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of the youths from the underserved communities we serve,” said Aarati Hingne, Cluster Head Lighthouse Communities Foundation. “With access to technology, they will have greater opportunities to learn and grow, and we are excited to see the positive changes that this donation will bring.”

AllianceBernstein’s donation is part of their ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility and bettering the communities of our global offices. The company is dedicated to finding ways to make a positive impact in the world, and this donation is just one example of their dedication to creating positive change. AllianceBernstein AVP, End User Technology Lead Ashwath Thalluri will be holding in-person sessions to educate and empower recipients on how best to utilize and operate the technology.

“We are proud to support the efforts of the Lighthouse Communities Foundation through the donation of this technology,” said Seth Bernstein, AllianceBernstein President and CEO. “AB is dedicated to the education and development of future tech talent, and we hope this technology will empower and provide these individuals with the tools needed to succeed academically, professionally, and personally.”

The donation of the laptops is particularly meaningful during the COVID-19 pandemic, as access to technology is critical for students to be able to participate in online learning and people to be able to work remotely. By providing laptops to the Lighthouse Communities Foundation, AllianceBernstein is helping to ensure that young people from underserved communities have the technology they need to succeed in the digital age.

About Lighthouse: Lighthouse Communities Foundation is on a mission to build empowered communities through life- skills, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for a million disadvantaged youth across India. The organisation has been working since 2015 for large-scale city-wide transformation through a unique Public Private Partnership where Government provides capex and infrastructure, and private sector contributes towards opex as well as implementation of the program. 114,500+ citizens have been impacted till date.

Pune city was recognised as one of the 5 cities globally through the Wellbeing Award for the ‘Lighthouse’ project under the ‘Economy and Opportunity’ category. The program has also been recognised as the best social sector initiative across Smart Cities. Pune City Connect, the Pune division, was selected by Aspen Institute, Washington DC as one of the anchor partners for a large- scale place-based initiative in Pune in 2019 (Global Opportunity Youth Network, Pune)

In the 6 years since initiation, 22500 youth have completed the Foundation Course and each one is a story of change – with a renewed sense of possibility, resilience and agency. 14000+ youth have enrolled into various skilling programs and 10000+ youth have moved to livelihood i.e. employment/ entrepreneurship. 62% of youth are women.

About AllianceBernstein: AllianceBernstein is a leading global investment management firm that offers high-quality research and diversified investment services to institutional investors, individuals, and private wealth clients in major world markets. As of November 31, 2022, AllianceBernstein had $658B in assets under management. Additional information about AllianceBernstein may be found on our website, www.alliancebernstein.com.