Pune: Gokhale Institute’s Inspection Reveals Malpractices in MSEDCL Works Funded by District Planning Committee

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Pune, 17th January 2024: A recent inspection conducted by the Gokhale Institute has brought to light several malpractices in the utilization of funds provided by the District Planning Committee (DPC) for the enhancement of the electricity system and facilities in the district. The findings indicate objections to the rate agreement system used for expenditure in MSEDCL and electricity board-related companies.

MSEDCL and its subsidiaries, not being direct government bodies, receive funds from the District Planning Committee for electricity development. However, concerns were raised in committee meetings regarding irregularities in contracts and the quality of the executed works. Despite a nearly doubled allocation of funds to MSEDCL by the district planning committee, discontent among MLAs, MPs, and committee members has arisen concerning the quality of previous works. Members of the committee have objected, expressing dissatisfaction with the lack of precautions regarding the quality and implementation of the actual works.

The inspection by Gokhale Institute, serving as a third-party organization, revealed that specific contractors were selectively chosen for these contract-based works by power companies. The report raises concerns about the use of inferior-quality materials in pillars, electric wires, plants, equipment, and more. Specific contractors’ involvement in the works under question has been emphasized, with examples provided to scrutinize the MLA’s role in works and materials. The inspection report has been submitted to the District Planning Committee, awaiting a decision from the committee on the matter.