Pune: Groom Assaulted in Shocking Pre-Wedding Attack, Three Arrested

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Rahatani, 25th December 2023: In a disturbing incident unfolding barely 24 hours before his wedding, Rohit Gaikwad, a 29-year-old private bank employee hailing from Shrinagar in Rahatani, fell victim to a vicious assault by a trio on motorcycles this past Friday.

The groom, Rohit Gaikwad, suffered a severe cut to his left arm, necessitating immediate medical attention, and subsequently lodged a formal complaint with the Wakad police on Saturday.

Prompt police action led to the arrest of three suspects: Vijay Talware (22) from Kalewadi, Sunny Gaikwad (23), and Aniket Bansode (24) from Pimpri. They face charges under section 307 (attempted murder) of the Indian Penal Code, coupled with relevant sections of the Indian Arms Act.

A Wakad police official provided details, stating that the incident occurred during a dinner for guests under a pandal erected in front of Gaikwad’s house, situated between Amardeep Colony and Jaibhavani Chowk. At approximately 11:30 pm, a trio on a motorcycle persistently disrupted the event by driving through the gathering.

Reacting to the disturbance, the groom and others requested the motorcycle-riding trio to refrain from driving through the area. However, the situation escalated as the assailants responded with verbal abuse, leading to a heated confrontation.

After issuing threats, the trio initially left the scene but returned within ten minutes, armed with a billhook and an iron rod. Amidst further verbal abuse, they proclaimed themselves as the ‘bhais’ of the area. The complainant observed one of the assailants poised to assault his cousin with the billhook.

In a brave attempt to protect his cousin, Gaikwad intervened, pushing one of the assailants down. Unfortunately, this led to the assailant turning his aggression towards Gaikwad, who, in a bid to shield himself, raised his left arm, resulting in a deep wound caused by the billhook.

The swift response of the Wakad police led to the apprehension of the suspects, and investigations are ongoing to determine the motive behind this shocking pre-wedding assault.