Pune: Residents Decry Daily Traffic Woes on Sus-Pashan Road

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Pashan, 25th December 2023: The Sus-Pashan road has become synonymous with daily traffic standstills lasting a staggering 30 minutes, causing frustration among commuters. The congestion, particularly during morning and evening peak hours, has prompted complaints from residents who endure bumper-to-bumper traffic for at least four hours each day.

The focal point of the issue is a narrow one-kilometer stretch, notorious for heavy traffic, especially during events at a resort situated along the route. Despite a prior ban on trucks and mixers during peak hours, implemented in response to a letter from Sus village residents, heavy vehicles persist on the road due to a lack of strict enforcement.

Residents attribute the traffic woes to the growing population in the area, driven by its proximity to Hinjewadi, a hub for IT professionals. One resident expressed frustration, stating, “Traffic police seem indifferent to the trucks using the road during office hours, exacerbating the congestion.”

The situation has led commuters, even those with destinations only four kilometers away, to allocate an extra hour for travel to avoid delays. The narrow two-lane road, extending for two to three kilometers, is further plagued by roadside encroachments and haphazard parking, contributing to the overall congestion.

Acknowledging the challenges, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Pimpri-Chinchwad, Mr. Bangar, admitted the road’s insufficient capacity for the current traffic flow. He stated, “We deploy our complete manpower during events in the area, but excessive congestion poses difficulties. Efforts are underway to widen this stretch and alleviate the traffic burden.”

The Deputy Commissioner also addressed the issue of heavy vehicles, citing the current construction hotspot in the area. He expressed willingness to reconsider the request for a ban on such vehicles and assured a review to determine if the stretch falls within the 75 restricted zones for heavy vehicles during peak hours. If applicable, he pledged prompt action to ease the traffic strain on Sus-Pashan road.