Pune: Heavy Rains Inundate Viman Nagar, Citizens Express Anger At Municipal Corporation

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Viman Nagar, 4th September 2023: On Friday, the 1st of September, Pune witnessed heavy rainfall that led to widespread waterlogging in various parts of the city. However, the downpour resulted in a rather unpleasant surprise for the citizens as it caused severe inundation in several localities, including Viman Nagar.

Frustrated by the recurring problem of waterlogging, residents took to the streets on Sunday, the 3rd of September, unfurling a banner that conveyed their discontent with a sarcastic message directed at the Municipal Corporation: “The cost of the monsoon line is in water, and Viman Nagar is also underwater.”

The sudden resurgence of rain after a month’s respite caught many Puneites off guard. While the downpour was a welcome change, the intensity of the rainfall led to severe waterlogging in various parts of the city, leaving residents distressed. Vimannagar, in particular, resembled a waterlogged lake.

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Accusing the municipal administration of mismanagement resulting in waterlogging, irate citizens displayed their frustration by unfurling a banner that criticized the Municipal Corporation, suggesting that the funds allocated for monsoon preparations had ended up “in the water” along with the airport area.

Sachin Lokhande, a local resident, expressed, “Heavy rains created flood-like conditions in Gangapuram, Kailas Super Market Chowk, Srikrishna Chowk, and other parts of Vimannagar. Citizens found it challenging to leave their homes due to these conditions, which occur annually. Numerous complaints have been filed with the municipality, but the issue persists. It is said that tenders were issued for monsoon preparations, and the work was executed. However, it appears that the monsoon line in this area consistently disappears, given that water accumulates here every year.”

Viman Nagar is home to numerous elite societies, commercial establishments, prominent malls, and the IT sector, leading to a significant influx of residents. On both Saturday and Sunday, traffic jams ensued due to waterlogging, causing immense inconvenience to the public.

Shailesh Mutha expressed his exasperation with the municipal administration, saying, “If such a situation recurs every year, it raises questions about the efficacy of the municipal administration in this area.”

Despite substantial investments in drainage infrastructure, the actual execution of work has fallen short, as the roads in Viman Nagar squares remained submerged in knee-deep water. The perennial issue of waterlogging has raised concerns, especially considering the municipality’s failure to address it. While tenders have been issued for rainwater drainage projects, it appears that the work has been inadequately executed, or in some cases, may not have been carried out at all. Citizens, grappling with the consequences of waterlogging, are now demanding a thorough investigation into the drainage and monsoon line work in the area. They also advocate for punitive action against contractors responsible for the subpar execution.

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In an attempt to convey their dissatisfaction with the Municipal Corporation’s performance, residents have displayed placards in Viman Nagar, bearing messages such as “The drains and drainage have not been cleaned, only the municipal treasury has been cleaned,” “Viman Nagar has become Tumbanagar,” and “Drainage line is costing billions in water.”


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