Pune: Illegal Tree Trimming Sparks Controversy in Hadapsar’s Vardhaman Township Society, PMC to Take Strict Action?

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Varad Bhatkhande

Hadapsar, 7th January 2024: Members of Vardhaman Township Society in Sasane Nagar, Hadapsar, have come under scrutiny for illegally hacking and trimming trees to facilitate their inter-society cricket tournament held over the weekend on January 6 and 7. The society, named Vardhaman Township, is facing potential consequences from the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) for its unauthorized tree-cutting activities.

Residents within the Vardhaman Township society reportedly took it upon themselves to trim tree branches without proper authorization, raising concerns about the environmental impact of such actions. The society, although having an independent Federation, faced criticism as common amenities like the garden still belonged to the builder.

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) officials swiftly responded to the complaint, visiting the site to assess the situation. They are now set to issue a notice to the builder, the Federation, and the tournament organizers for conducting tree trimming without proper permission.

The incident highlights the serious environmental concerns associated with improper tree trimming. Improper or excessive trimming can lead to negative consequences such as reduced canopy and shade, tree stress, disturbed ecosystems, loss of wildlife habitat, vulnerability to pests, altered aesthetics, and risks of decline and mortality.

Abhijeet Kore, Secretary of Vardhaman Township Federation, distanced the Federation from the incident stating, “Any matches that took place were conducted by a friend circle (Mitra mandal). The concerned garden is still under the ownership of the builder. Organizers don’t live in society. The Federation had no involvement; they didn’t even approach us. No member of the Federation participated. We will speak to the organizers and take appropriate action.”

Organizer Mahesh Pawar stated, “Nothing like the way it has been portrayed happened. We organized this tournament for women and children. The dangerous branches of trees were trimmed for safety. The tournament was organized by Vardhaman Friend Circle, separate from the Federation. We regularly host cultural programs. I am a resident here. The Society Has around 900 Flats.”

Vilas Dhobale, PMC Horticulturalist (Garden Officer), confirmed that the society members had broken branches without proper permission, emphasizing that notices would be issued, and actions would be taken accordingly.

PMC Assistant Municipal Commissioner of Hadapsar Mundhwa Ward Office, Balasaheb Dhawale Patil, stated, “A complaint was made to me 3/4 days ago. Those in charge of the gardens will issue notices to the society. Further action will be taken according to the show cause.”