Pune Burglaries: 300 Grams of Gold Jewelry and 150 Pigeons Stolen in Separate Incidents in Daund

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Daund, 7th January 2024: In an overnight raid, two locations in Daund taluka fell prey to unidentified thieves, leaving residents shocked and authorities on high alert. The incidents occurred at Bhagwat Wasti and Chormale Wasti both in Gokulnagar, along the Kurkumbh Daund road in Daund taluka, Pune district.


The thieves targeted a closed bungalow in Bhagwat Wasti, belonging to Dilip Bhagwat, who was away in Goa with his family to attend to his ailing sister. The miscreants gained access to the residence by breaking the lock on the back door, only to find it locked from the inside. Undeterred, they managed to force entry through the main door.


Inside the house, the bedroom cupboard was forcibly opened, resulting in the theft of 27 tolas of gold (around 300 grams) and an undisclosed amount of cash. The criminals, seemingly unfazed by the audacity of their actions, locked the house after the burglary and made a swift escape.


Simultaneously, another attempted theft took place at Chormalevasti and Gokulnagar locations in the same vicinity. At one of these places, approximately 150 pigeons were stolen, marking a peculiar twist to the criminal activities. The culprits, after their avian heist, locked the premises and vanished into the night.


Upon receiving information about the incidents, the Upper Superintendent of Police of Baramati Division, Anand Bhoite, and Police Inspector of Daund, Bhausaheb Patil, promptly visited the scene for inspection. A case has been registered at the Daund police station in connection to these daring thefts.