Pune: IMD Predicts Chilly Start to 2024 with Cloudy Weather

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Pune, 26th December 2023: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted cloudy and chilly weather in Pune at the onset of the new year. According to the forecast, Pune is expected to experience overcast conditions and a drop in minimum temperature from December 31 to January 1.

While the rest of Maharashtra, including Pune, currently enjoys normal weather conditions with a gradual increase in minimum temperature and clear skies, the upcoming week is anticipated to bring a change. The minimum temperature in Pune has risen from 11 degrees Celsius last week to around 14 degrees Celsius.

Cold winds are predicted to sweep over northeastern states and north India starting from December 28, leading to cloudy weather in Pune and other parts of Maharashtra. The IMD also anticipates an increase in fog in some areas during this period. Daytime temperatures in Pune are expected to feel colder from December 29 to January 1.

Certain areas in Pune and its surroundings may experience morning fog, contributing to a chilly start to the new year. Pashan, a locality in Pune, reported a minimum temperature of 9 degrees Celsius last week. As Pune residents prepare to welcome 2024, they are advised to brace for colder weather conditions during the first few days of the upcoming year.