Pune: Income Tax Department Raids Aswani Group Builder

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Pimpri, 23rd November 2023: In a significant development, the Income Tax Department has initiated a series of raids targeting Aswani Associates and Builders Pvt Ltd in Pimpri Chinchwad, along with other affiliated business groups. Conducted by multiple teams from the Pune Division of the Income Tax Department, six simultaneous raids unfolded at various offices and residences associated with the Aswani Group during the early morning hours.

Swiftly entering the diverse offices of the Aswani Group, Income Tax Department officials arrived in a variety of vehicles, leaving no room for recovery. The raids, executed with precision, led to the confiscation of crucial documents, initiating an immediate and intensive investigation. While the attention on these developments is widespread, specific details about the case triggering these actions remain undisclosed.

The sweeping operation has sparked speculation and concern within Pimpri Chinchwad’s business and political communities. As the Income Tax Department’s inquiry unfolds, the impact of these raids on Aswani Associates and Builders Pvt Ltd resonates, prompting questions and fueling discussions about potential implications and legal consequences.


The nature of the investigation and the allegations against Aswani Associates and Builders are yet to be revealed, contributing to a climate of uncertainty and heightened interest in local circles. Observers are closely monitoring the situation, awaiting official statements or disclosures from the Income Tax Department to shed light on the intricacies of the ongoing inquiry.