Pune Introduces Two-Wheeler Ambulances to Combat Traffic Congestion

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Pune, 27th April 2024: Traffic congestion in Pune city is escalating day by day, with ambulances frequently getting trapped in gridlocks on major roads. To address this issue, the two-wheeler ambulance initiative has been introduced. These ambulances will navigate through Pune’s roads, even amidst traffic jams, ensuring timely delivery of patients to the hospital.

The first five to seven minutes following a medical emergency are crucial for a patient’s survival. However, due to Pune’s deteriorating traffic conditions, this critical window has extended to nearly 30 to 40 minutes. Such delays in reaching the hospital can prove fatal for patients, leading to unnecessary loss of lives. In response to this pressing issue, Ruby Hall Clinic has initiated the Two-Wheeler Ambulance program. The launch ceremony was presided over by Urvaksh Bhot, the hospital’s Chief Executive Officer, and Rajeev Bajaj, Managing Director and CEO of Bajaj Auto.

Two-wheeler ambulances will swiftly transport patients from their homes or other locations to the hospital during emergencies. These ambulances will be equipped with essential medications, an ECG machine, emergency treatment gear, and other necessary equipment, facilitating immediate medical intervention. Each ambulance will also be equipped with a GPS to ensure efficient navigation through traffic jams, as highlighted by Behram Khodaiji, Ruby’s Chief Executive Officer.

Dr Parvez Grant, Chairman and Managing Trustee of Ruby Hall Clinic, emphasized the significance of this initiative, stating, “Ambulances often face delays on Pune’s roads due to recurrent traffic congestion. The introduction of two-wheeler ambulances will significantly reduce the time required to reach and admit patients to the hospital.”