Pune: IT Engineer Turns Out To Be Security Guard After Marriage, Woman Files FIR

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Warje, 29th October 2023: A case has come to light at Uttam Nagar Police Station (Pune City Police), where a young bride discovered her husband’s deception about his profession post-marriage.


The accused individuals, including husband Avinash Manohar Khedekar, mother-in-law Sivaganga Manohar Khedekar, father-in-law Manohar Bapu Khedekar, and Anand Sonali Manohar Khedekar, are facing legal action initiated by the complainant (19).


The investigation revealed that the accused parties deliberately concealed the truth about Avinash’s actual occupation, portraying him as an IT engineer before the wedding. However, the reality surfaced after the marriage, unveiling his true role as a security guard. The revelation left the young bride grappling with a shocking disparity between expectations and reality.


Upon confronting her husband about this significant deception, she faced not only baseless accusations questioning her character but also endured verbal and physical abuse. The accused persistently subjected her to both physical and psychological torment, inflicting profound suffering.


In response to these grave injustices, she has chosen the legal route to seek justice for the hardships endured.