Pune: Know All About Shila Mandir at Dehu Dedicated To Sant Tukaram

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Pune, 14th June 2022: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today dedicated to the nation the Shila Mandir – a rock temple in honour of the 17th century saint, Sant Tukaram at Dehu near Pune. Modi also interacted with warkaris, the devotees of Sant Tukaram who undertake the wari or holy pilgrimage to Pandharpur in Maharashtra.


Built with a special type of Rajasthani stone, Shila Mandir is a temple dedicated to a slab of stone (shila) on which Sant Tukaram had meditated for 13 days. Devotees of Tukaram, the warkaris, offer prayers at the Shila Temple before starting their pilgrimage to Pandharpur.

A new idol of Sant Tukaram has also been installed in the temple near the ‘Shila Mandir’ which was also unveiled by the Prime Minister.

The 17th century Bhakti poet and Saint Tukaram was famous for his devotional poetry known as ‘abhangas’ and spiritual songs known as ‘kirtanas’. His work are central to the Warkari sect in Maharastra. Dehu, on the banks of the Indrayani River is the birth place of the poet saint.

Meanwhile, the Centre has taken up infrastructure upgradation work on key sections of Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi Marg as well as Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi Marg. Dedicated walkways are being constructed alongside the highways to ease the movement of warkaris undertaking the pilgrimage to Pandharpur.