Pune: Leopard Spotted In Backyard Sends Panic In Village In Junnar, Captured By Forest Department

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Junnar, 7th April 2024: Prakash Dattatray Dongre’s tranquil morning in Arvi village, located in Pune district’s Junnar taluka, was abruptly disrupted when he encountered the presence of a leopard in his backyard. The incident, which took place around 9 am, sent shivers down the spines of residents.

The leopard was sighted leisurely seated in the confines of Dongre’s backyard, prompting immediate action from local authorities. Swiftly responding to the alarming situation, the forest department was promptly notified, triggering a coordinated effort to contain the animal and ensure the safety of the community.



With the assistance of Dongre’s companions and the forest department personnel, endeavors were made to capture the elusive leopard. However, the feline’s attempts to evade capture proved challenging, as it scurried twice before finding itself trapped in a nearby well behind Dongre’s residence. Despite sustaining injuries during the ordeal, the forest department successfully secured the leopard, bringing an end to the gripping saga. The captured leopard is reported to be injured.

Expressing concerns over the escalating presence of leopards in the vicinity, Dongre highlighted the growing challenges faced by residents, both during the day and night. Urging vigilance among the community, especially towards the safety of young children and the elderly, he emphasized the importance of exercising caution when venturing outside.