Pune: Sharad Pawar Raises Alarm Over Youth Unemployment, Calls for Government Accountability

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Pune, 7th April 2024: Sharad Pawar, in light of a recent report by the International Labor Organization (ILO), highlighted concerns about youth unemployment in India. He referenced Narendra Modi’s pre-election promise to create two crore jobs annually, comparing it with the stark reality that only a fraction of that target has been achieved. This discrepancy has understandably led to unrest among the youth. Speaking at the ‘Aswastha Tarunai, Ashwasak Saheb’ (Restless Youth, Reassuring Saheb) event organized by the Akhil Bharatiya Shivmahotsav Committee, Pawar engaged with the youth, emphasizing the need for both preparedness to address the issue and a call for accountability from the government.


During the event, Pawar discussed various strategies to tackle unemployment, including advocating for reforms in the Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) examinations to increase job opportunities, reduce exam fees, and enact anti-corruption laws. He also urged the discontinuation of the practice of contract-based recruitment and proposed empowering social institutions like BARTI and SARTHI. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of fostering industry growth and expanding factories in Maharashtra as part of a comprehensive solution.


Responding to queries from attendees, including concerns over the scheduling conflict between MPSC exams and elections, Pawar stressed the need for better coordination between institutions to minimize disruptions for students. He also addressed demands to raise the age limit for competitive exams, promising to advocate for this with the Governor’s office despite constraints posed by election regulations.


However, Pawar sidestepped a direct response to a question about why the Congress-Nationalist Congress coalition, known for its progressive agenda, seems to neglect its roots after assuming power. While acknowledging limitations due to the election code of conduct, he pledged to pursue the issue further, indicating a willingness to engage with relevant authorities to address concerns raised by the youth.