Pune: Lonavala Dam Nears Full Capacity Amid Heavy Rainfall, Alert Issued For People Residing Near Indrayani River Bank

Bhushi Dam In Lonavala
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Lonavala, 19th July 2023: The Lonavala Dam area experienced a significant rainfall of 106 mm in the last 4 hours, with nearly 1 TMC of inflow recorded during this period. As of 9 pm, the Dam Reservoir Storage stands at 7.48 TMC (64%), leaving an available margin of 4.24 TMC.

Officials reported that the average inflow into the dam is 2100 cusecs, while the full power generation capacity is only 600 cusecs. The net increase in the reservoir level is 1500 cusecs. If the rainfall continues at the same rate, there is a high possibility that the dam will reach its full capacity within the next 30 hours, leading to discharge from the dam to the Indrayani River basin.

In view of the situation, authorities are urging citizens residing along the river banks and in low-lying areas to remain vigilant. Basavaraj Munnoli, the Head of Dams, Estate & Advocacy at Tata Power, issued an important notice, cautioning residents about the potential risks posed by the increasing water levels.

As the situation unfolds, the Lonavala Dam authorities are closely monitoring the water levels and weather conditions. Public safety remains a top priority, and appropriate measures will be taken to manage the dam’s water discharge and prevent any potential hazards in the affected areas.

Citizens in the vicinity of the Indrayani River are advised to stay tuned to local news updates and follow official announcements to ensure their safety during this critical period of heavy rainfall and rising water levels.

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