Pune: Lonavala Police Issues Safety Guidelines For Tourists Coming To Celebrate New Year, Notices Issued To Hotel Owners

Lonavala Police Checking
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Lonavla, 13th December 2022: The Lonavla city police are going to keep an eye on the tourists coming to Lonavala city to celebrate the new year. Also, instructions have been given by the police administration regarding the safety precautions to be taken by the hotel businessmen.


On Monday (December 12), Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Sathyasai Karthik and police inspector Sitaram Dubal held a meeting with the hoteliers from the Lonavla area.


Christmas and New Year are celebrated on a grand scale in Lonavla. A large number of tourists come to Lonavla on these days. Tourists book private bungalows, hotels, farmhouses, etc.


In terms of the safety of the people coming to the city, the police administration has appealed to take all kinds of vigilance and plan the following measures:

1) Private security guards should be appointed at the entrance for all the tourists coming and women security guards should be appointed for the safety of women and also for security checking for unwanted accidents, DFMD should be arranged and checked through it.


2) Every person coming to the hotel should be allowed to enter the hotel only after checking their identity card and a photocopy of the identity card should be taken after checking each one of the tourists coming in a group.


3) Metal detectors should be arranged at the entrance of the hotel.


4) Ambulance, doctor, and medicine should be arranged to get immediate help in case of any untoward incident at the place of reception.


5) In case of any missing object found in the venue and surroundings of the program and any suspicious person, the information should be immediately reported to the police station.


6) Due to the possibility of overcrowding at the event venue, suitable measures should be taken to avoid stampedes due to overcrowding and should be monitored by staff.


7) Emergency exits should be arranged at the event venue so that in case of any untoward incident citizens can get out or evacuate immediately and tourists should be informed about it.


8) Care should be taken to ensure that a short circuit does not occur after checking with the MSEB office.


9) Parking arrangements should be made for parking the vehicles of tourists coming to participate in the program. Vehicles should be parked in front of the hotel so that it does not create congestion and obstruct traffic. Also, CCTV cameras should be installed at the entrance of the parking lot where all vehicle numbers can be seen. The driver’s name and address as well as the license number of each parked vehicle should be registered and recorded in it and a mirror should be kept for checking the underside of the vehicle.


10) Hotel owners and managers should hold a meeting of all the staff in their hotel and give instructions to them according to the possibility of an accidental act and the places like the hotel’s lawns, ponds, hotel rooms, dustbin, store rooms, gap passages, etc should be checked, if any suspicious object is found in the hotel, it should be reported to the police station immediately.


11) CCTV cameras should be installed in hotel lobbies, lounges, party areas, and all places where people congregate and near the main entrance to cover the hotel premises.


12) In the event, some people drink alcohol and molest the women and girls present there which causes disputes. If due to any dispute, a law and order problem arises, hotel owners will be held responsible and appropriate legal action will be taken. Separate staff should be kept to prevent it, and those who drink alcohol, misbehave and cause trouble to other people should be expelled immediately.


13) Fireworks and lighting are arranged to celebrate the night of December 31 and New Year. This often leads to fire incidents. For this, it is advised that the fire fighting system in the hotel is operational and kept ready.



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