Pune: Lonavala Receives 220 Mm Of Rainfall In 24 Hours

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Lonavla, 12th July 2022: Lonavala has received heavy rains and 220 mm of rainfall has been recorded in the last 24 hours. A total of 1,522 mm of rainfall has been recorded so far, which is higher than last year. Last year till today, the rainfall was 1,176 mm.

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In June, the state did not witness any heavy rain. However, heavy rains in July have lashed Lonavla and Maval. Rivers and streams are overflowing. In many places in Maval area, the fields have turned into lakes and in some places, the roads have turned into rivers.

In the last six days, 952 mm of rain has fallen. According to the Meteorological Department, the Bhushi dam has overflowed due to heavy rains. If the rains continue like this, the farmers in Maval are likely to suffer.

Tourists are flocking to Tiger Point and Lions Point. On weekends, millions of tourists visit Lonavla. The police have to exercise to control the congestion and traffic jams in these areas.

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