Pune: Amanora Residents Upset Over Delays in Property Corrections and Possible Penalty Implications

Amanora Park Town
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Pune, 12th July 2022: In June 2020, PMC suddenly raised huge, inflated tax bills to Amanora residents without considering the applicable discounts for Integrated Township Projects. Amanora residents were surprised by such glaring discrepancies and tried to approach PMC and various authorities, including CM’s office. With the support from Urban development and various government departments, after several discussions, PMC finally agreed to provide the discount in November 2020.

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Subsequently, PMC started measuring the size of the flats to arrive at the exact area for property tax calculations. During this period, residents approached PMC for amendments and corrections, and PMC assured them that they intended to complete the survey and raise the modified bills by 2021.


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To the utter surprise of residents, in April 2022, PMC sent a letter to Amanora informing them that the software upgrade would take more time and the residents could pay the bills. When the residents tried to access the site, they found a significant penalty amount added to an incorrect and inflated invoice, and the portal did not allow them to pay the partial amount.


Flabbergasted by the situation, concerned citizens raised RTI to understand whether such a penalty is applicable or not on such incorrect and inflated bills. To their utter surprise, PMC responded by saying that they needed to pay 2% per month for the delay since the time PMC raised the bills. Our correspondent managed to speak to one of the Amanora residents. As per the resident, PMC has caused the delay and residents have no role. The Amanora resident further stated that since PMC conducted the measurement of flats in the year 2021, residents failed to understand on what basis PMC has processed the previous bills in 2020 since they were not sure about the size of the flats and applicable tax laws for the Integrated Township Projects and called the current situation atrocious. The residents have also raised a petition which almost explains the similar situation.


Meanwhile, this situation of Amanora residents with PMC may become an eyeopener for other ITP projects running in the state who may become victims of similar confusion.