Pune: Maharashtra Class 11 Admissions: Vacancy Rates Raise Concerns

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Pune, 24th April 2024: In the academic year 2023-24, an examination of class 11 admissions in five major cities in Maharashtra reveals some notable statistics. According to a comprehensive analysis conducted by Vaishali Bafna of the System Improvement Movement (SISCOM), there was a significant gap in filling available seats, with only 70 % being occupied through the admission process.

What’s particularly striking is the low success rate in achieving full access to educational opportunities, with less than 10 % of departments and media outlets managing to do so. In addition, a significant portion, ranging from 30 to 35 %, experienced minimal penetration, with some segments even falling below 20 % utilization.

This report, presented to Education Commissioner Suraj Mandhare, underscores a troubling trend of increasing vacancy rates year by year. Despite the implementation of various admission quotas such as management and minority, more than half of the seats remained unfilled across the board. For instance, in Amravati city, 35 % of the 16,190 seats remained vacant, while in Mumbai, it was 31 % of the 389,675 seats. Similarly, in Nagpur, 41 % of 56,650 seats were unoccupied, and in Nashik and Pune, 34 % of 360 seats and 33 % of 117,990 seats were left vacant, respectively.

Moreover, the report sheds light on the inefficiencies within in-house and minority quotas, with only 5 to 20 % of junior colleges managing to successfully secure admissions through these avenues.