Pune: Maharashtra SSC, HSC State Board Exams To Be Held Offline

HSC SSC Board Pune
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Pune, 3rd February 2022: “The 10th and 12th state board exams will be held offline as per schedule”, informed Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education president Sharad Gosavi.

The 10th written offline exam will be held from March 15 to April 4. Practical, internal evaluation etc will be held from 25th February to 14th March 2022.

Gosavi has informed that the written examination for class XII will be held from 4th to 30th March and the practical, oral examination and internal assessment examination will be held from 14th to 3rd March. Students will be given another chance if there is an unavoidable reason.

As the writing practice of the students has been reduced, the paper of 70 to 80 marks will be given half an hour more time and the paper of 40 to 60 marks will be given 15 minutes more time. If any student misses the opportunity to take the exam due to Corona, he/she will be given the opportunity to take the exam again from March 31 to April 18. Also, if there are fewer than 15 students, there will be the nearest college as an exam centre.

“The board has received a total of 16.25 lakh applications for the 10th class and 14.72 lakh applications for the 12th class. The total number of students is 31 lakh and it is not possible to take online exams with such a large number of students,” said Gosavi. The supplementary examination is scheduled for July.

It has been clarified that corona vaccine is not mandatory for 10th and 12th standard examinations.

Examination centre / sub-centre will be provided in the school for the examination. Therefore, students will be able to take the written test in the schools where they are studying.

Gosavi has said that this will give them a familiar environment while taking exams and they will have to travel less. The teachers in the school will be the supervisors and not the outsiders.

Due to the 25 per cent reduction in the syllabus due to Corona, the written test will be conducted on 75 per cent syllabus. Special concessions will be given to the disabled students as per the prevailing system.

A separate room has been set up at the centre in case of any medical problem to the students during the examination. There will be a separate examination room for students who fall ill due to corona. If a student shows symptoms during the exam, he/she will be allowed to take the exam in a separate room. Necessary medical aid will also be provided to the examination centre through the nearest health centre.

Meanwhile, students have to be present at the examination centre at least one to one and half hours in advance. They will get the question paper 10 minutes before the start of the exam.