Pune: Mahayuti Candidate Muralidhar Mohol Accused of Violating Election Code of Conduct

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Pune, 18th April 2024: Former Pune Mayor Muralidhar Mohol, who is representing the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections this year, has been campaigning for the past few days. However, the Congress party has filed a complaint against him for allegedly violating the code of conduct.

According to the Congress party, Mohol has advertised in newspapers with the headline “Ram Mandir is done, now let’s resolve for Rashtra Mandir.” Additionally, leaflets featuring a picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi bowing at the feet of Lord Ram’s Idol in Ayodhya have been distributed. The Congress party has accused Mohol of using these images for political gain.

Mohol faces a significant challenge from MLA Ravindra Dhangekar, who recently emerged as a huge name in the Kasba Assembly’s by-election. Dhangekar’s victory in the by-elections has strengthened the Congress party’s position in Pune. As a result, the Congress has nominated Dhangekar to attempt to regain the Pune Lok Sabha constituency, which the party lost in the last two elections.

Mohol, a former mayor, is working to secure a win, relying on the power of the BJP at both the state and national levels. In response to the alleged violation of the model code of conduct, a complaint has been filed by Purandare against Mohol. The Congress party has claimed that the Election Commission’s flying squad has met with Purandare and promised to take appropriate action.