Pune: Man Arrested for Forging Medical Certificates using Stolen Stamps from Sassoon Hospital

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Pune, 22nd December 2023: A sophisticated forgery operation involving the theft of stamps from Sassoon Hospital has been unearthed, leading to the arrest of Prakash Pandurang Mondkar. The accused, along with his accomplice Satpal Pawar, now faces charges as the Bundgarden police successfully apprehended Mondkar following a complaint filed by Dr. Shailesh Shivshankar Damshetty.

The incident unfolded on December 14 when two stamps were reported stolen from the Medical Superintendent’s office at Sassoon Hospital. In a swift response, the hospital’s medical experts initiated surveillance, examining CCTV footage from the office area. The investigation revealed Mondkar’s presence during the theft.

The modus operandi involved creating a fake medical certificate, exploiting the stolen stamps of the Medical Superintendent and doctors. To confirm their suspicions, medical experts anticipated Mondkar’s return to the Medical Superintendent’s office for a forged certificate signature. Mondkar fell into the trap, producing a counterfeit fitness certificate.

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He was caught and handed over to the Bundgarden police. The investigation indicates that Pawar is the primary suspect who allegedly extorted money and orchestrated the theft of the stamps from Sassoon Hospital. The police are now exploring the extent of the stolen stamps’ usage in other instances.

The case has been registered against both Mondkar and Pawar, and police sub-inspector Saurabh Mane is leading the ongoing investigation.