Pune: Liquor Sale Hours Extended For Christmas And New Year Celebrations

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Pune, 22nd December 2023: In anticipation of the upcoming New Year festivities, the Maharashtra state government has given the green light for extended hours at liquor shops, bars, and restaurants on December 24, 25, and 31. This decision permits liquor shops and permit rooms to remain operational until 5 am, while select wine shops, premium liquor outlets, and foreign liquor stores will extend their services until 1 am. Additionally, pubs, bars, restaurants, and beer establishments will also be open until 5 am.


Yuvraj Shinde, Deputy Superintendent of the State Excise Department, confirmed the government’s approval for the late-night extension on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, acknowledging the significance of these occasions for many who indulge in celebratory drinking.


This move is anticipated to elevate the New Year revelry for enthusiasts seeking to celebrate until the early hours. The extension grants liquor aficionados the opportunity to purchase their desired spirits until 5 am on December 24, 25, and 31. Traditionally, many individuals mark the advent of the New Year by raising toasts and hosting vibrant gatherings.


The surge in demand for liquor during this period is not only reflective of celebratory traditions but also carries substantial financial implications. The sale of alcohol significantly bolsters the revenue of the State Excise Department and contributes considerably to the state’s financial gains. Thus, the government’s decision to extend the operational hours is expected to yield substantial financial benefits.