Pune: Man Breaks Into Neighbour’s Home To Fund Mother’s Surgery, Arrested After ‘Living Standard’ Improved

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Bibvewadi, 24th April 2024: A man’s desperate attempt to fund his mother’s surgery has surfaced as the motive behind a burglary in his neighbour’s house. The heart-wrenching incident, which occurred eight months ago, has recently come to light following a thorough investigation by the police.

The perpetrator, identified as Deepak Namdev Patole (41), was arrested by the authorities in connection with the theft. The case was registered at Bibvewadi police station following the discovery of the burglary, during which jewellery and cash were stolen from the neighbour’s locked residence.

According to police, Patole, who is currently unemployed, resided with his elderly mother in a society in Bibvewadi. Struggling with financial difficulties, particularly exacerbated by his mother’s illness, Patole found himself in a dire situation when her deteriorating health necessitated urgent surgery.

Driven by desperation and a fervent desire to alleviate his mother’s suffering, Patole resorted to breaking into his neighbour’s house in October last year. Exploiting the absence of the neighbour, who had traveled to Solapur, Patole seized the opportunity to steal jewellery and cash to finance his mother’s medical treatment.

Despite the passage of six months without a breakthrough, the police diligently pursued the case, analyzing CCTV footage and gathering crucial evidence. Eventually, their efforts paid off when information obtained during the investigation found Patole in the burglary.

The arrest was made possible through the dedicated efforts of Bibvewadi Police Station’s Assistant Inspector Praveen Kalukhe and his team, including Santosh Jadhav, Vishal Jadhav, Ashish Gaikwad, Shivaji Yewle, Pranay Patil, Jyotish Kale, and Abhishek Dhumal.

Subsequent inquiries revealed that Patole had utilized the stolen funds, amounting to seven and a half lakh rupees, to cover his mother’s medical expenses and purchase a new mobile phone and television set. The sudden improvement in his living conditions raised suspicion among the authorities, leading to his apprehension.

Upon interrogation, Patole confessed to the burglary, shedding light on the circumstances that drove him to commit the crime in a desperate bid to save his mother’s life.