Pune: Man From Mumbai Injures Himself On Visapur Fort, Receives Assistance From Shivdurga Mitra Team

Visapur Fort
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Pune, 27th September 2022: During a trip to Visapur Fort with his employees from a Mumbai-based company, a 55-year-old man slipped and fell during his descent and suffered a fracture on his left thigh.

The incident occurred on Saturday around 3 pm. The Shivdurga Mitra team reached the spot when they received the news. Tying the man to a stretcher as he could not walk, the team successfully and safely brought him down the hill within two hours and admitted him to a hospital.

Sunil Gaikwad of the Shivdurga Mitra team said, “After climbing for about two hours the team reached the spot where the injured man and his colleagues were waiting. We then tied the man to a stretcher and safely brought him down within two hours. The injured man’s colleagues took him to a hospital.”