Pune Man quenches thirst of Jalna village

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By Sanchita GarulePunekar News's photo.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way !!

The continuous news about unbearable droughts that flashed on news channels and newspapers shocked Vishal Nerkar (40), a resident of Narhe, Pune.

After a lot of thinking and consultation he came to a decision of supplying water to the villagers of Parner in Ambad tehsil of drought hit Jalna district in Maharashtra. Their condition was worse as they didn’t have any source of drinking water.

Punekar News's photo.Vishal had first decided to supply grains but after speaking to a resident of Parner, Vijaykumar Lahoti, he decided to supply drinking water so as to satisfy their thirst.

Vishal promised Lahoti to supply drinking water for the entire month and asked him to get Tankers in the village. He immediately deposited Rs.7500 in Lahoti’s account and the tankers were supplied.

The residents have been satisfying their thirst for over 15 days with the help of Nerkar and most of them have no idea about who exactly is helping them in their adverse conditions.

Nerkar said, “We need not do something drastic in order to help. We can surely take small steps and help many people. The ones who are affected by droughts are like our siblings and we should come together and share their problems and solve them.”

Nerkar isn’t a businessman or a very rich man, he is a common serviceman who works in a Pune based company.

You can certainly feel his satisfaction that is seen in his eyes and the glow on his face when he talks about the same.

The relief he must have got after knowing that people have quenched their thirst because of his little help.

For him its just a little help but for the villagers out there in Partner, he would be known as a saviour for their lifetime.

This shows that you need not be very rich to help the needy, you should have a beautiful heart that understands their problems and urges to help them with whatever little thing he can do.

Grand salute to you sir.

(Sanchita Garule is a MSc Environmental Science student from Fergusson college, Pune.)

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