Pune: Massive Foot March Led by Manoj Jarange Patil to Commence on January 20 in Lonavala

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Lonavala, 17th January 2024: In a bid to demand Maratha reservation, a massive foot march led by prominent Maratha activist Manoj Jarange Patil is set to commence from Antarwali Sarati towards Mumbai on January 20. The march is expected to reach Lonavala on January 24, where a planning meeting for the city and rural areas was recently concluded at Mahadev Mandir Hall in Valvan Village.

The foot march, estimated to include lakhs of Maratha community members, will require extensive planning and coordination from Lonavala city and rural areas. A key focus is the collection of food items to provide one meal to all participants. Organizers have challenged Maratha community workers to collect 25 chapatis and either peanut chutney or onion-garlic chutney from each household in Lonavala.

To streamline the collection and distribution process, a coordination committee will be formed in four divisions within the city and rural areas. The committee’s role will include informing volunteers, gathering information about food items collected, and ensuring smooth logistics.

A crucial aspect of the event is the provision of drinking water to all participants. Lonavala’s water tanker drivers have been appealed to fill their tankers with drinking water on January 24, installing an iron pipe for efficient distribution. Efforts are underway to arrange the free filling of all water tankers, and a coordination committee of former councillors and mayors will oversee water distribution.

JCB drivers in Lonavala have been requested to clean and sanitize the areas where foot march participants will stay. The JCB Owners Association is called upon to contribute to the cause. The Mandap Association has pledged its support, promising to make necessary contributions to society.

Manoj Jarange Patil’s lunch will be arranged in Talegaon on January 24, and night stay and food arrangements for all participants will be made in Lonavala city and rural areas. Volunteers from each village are urged to participate and contribute to this struggle for reservation. Recognizing the importance of the safety of women participants, arrangements will be made for their stay in temples, community halls, and other safe locations if necessary.

After the stay on January 24, members of the Sakal Maratha Samaj will undertake a cleanliness drive in Lonavala City, Lonavala rural, and Maval taluka on January 25 as part of the Nirmal Yojana. As the foot march progresses towards Mumbai, organizers stress the importance of medical facilities, fire fighting systems, and other essential services. Maratha community members working in these fields are encouraged to reserve their time to help when necessary.

The entire Maratha community is urged to adopt the motto “Abhi Nahi To Kabhi Nahi” (Now or Never) and actively participate in providing facilities, ensuring the success of this historic march for Maratha reservation.