Pune: Massive Protest By Team Wagholi Against Corruption Organization Outside PMC Headquarters For Proper Roads And Water Supply

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Pune, 20th July 2023: Team Wagholi Against Corruption Organization (WACO) today staged a protest with the participation of 500-1000 people outside the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) building, voicing their dissatisfaction over the lack of water supply, poor roads, inadequate drainage systems, and more.

Anil Kumar Mishra, Founder of WACO, emphasized that since their initial protest on December 24, 2022, the residents of Wagholi have been tirelessly demanding essential amenities such as proper roads, drainage systems, and water supply. Regrettably, their requests have been ignored by the authorities, despite organizing two subsequent protests. As a result, they have been compelled to take to the streets once more until their demands are met, highlighting that they are ordinary citizens merely seeking basic necessities.

Mishra further revealed that Wagholi urgently requires 3.7 crore liters of clean water, but the existing Wagheshwar Water Supply Plant can only provide 50 lakh liters, leading to recurring water issues for the residents. PMC had pledged to begin the water supply project after a detailed analysis by the appointed consultant, but there has been no progress on that front. Wagholi boasts approximately 250+ big societies, yet living conditions have been deplorable, despite punctual tax payments, as the PMC continues to make empty promises when confronted about the problems.

Expressing their discontent, Mishra stated that over Rs 2000 crores have been charged in the name of development fees by the PMRDA from Wagholi citizens. However, little to no development has taken place, and the authorities have consistently failed to deliver on their commitments. Despite assurances from Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar that the DPR for solving road and water supply issues would be provided within a week, four months have elapsed without any progress. The deplorable road conditions, filled with potholes, make driving in Wagholi an arduous task, adding to the growing list of issues faced by its residents.

Regarding tax removal, Mishra highlighted their demands to the PMC to eliminate water tax from property tax due to the failure in providing water supply. However, the Municipal Commissioner declined to comply. Additionally, they had requested water supply from water tankers if the PMC could not fulfill its water supply obligations, but even that demand was disregarded.

As the protest gains momentum, the residents of Wagholi are resolute in their determination to ensure their voices are heard and that the authorities take decisive action to address their urgent needs.


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