Pune: Medical Officer Caught Accepting Bribe to Provide COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Report

Bribe ACB
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Daund, March 1, 2021: The Pune Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has revealed a shocking incident where a contract medical officer demanded a bribe to provide a report of the result of the COVID-19 rapid antigen test. The officer was caught by the ACB team while accepting a bribe of Rs 1,500.

The medical officer, identified as Milind Damodar Kamble (38), has been arrested for accepting the bribe. A case has been registered regarding the same at Daund police station for offences under relevant sections of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

The number of COVID-19 patients in the country is increasing rapidly again. While lockdown has been imposed in some places in the State, the government has also given instructions to increase testing of patients.

This incident has revealed the shocking reality of bribery and corruption in the medical sector during the COVID-19 pandemic too.
Kamble is a contract medical officer at Daund Government Hospital and works under the National Child Health Programme. COVID-19 tests are conducted at the hospital.

The complainant had visited Daund Government Hospital for for COVID-19 test of 19 of his workers using rapid antigen testing on February 26.

After testing, the accused public servant had demanded a bribe of Rs 100 each to reveal the results for the same. Later the total amount was brought down to Rs 1500 from Rs 1900.

Meanwhile, the complainant had approached the ACB which laid a trap and caught the medical officer red-handed while accepting the bribe.

Police Inspector Sunil Bile of the ACB is conducting further investigation.