Pune Metro Introduces Fines For Overstaying Beyond 20 Minutes

Pune Metro Punekarnews
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Pune, 25th November 2023: Passengers using the Pune Metro will soon face fines if they do not commence their journey within 20 minutes of entering the station. Overstaying beyond this grace period will result in a penalty of Rs 10 per hour, with a maximum cap of Rs 50.

A communication from the official Pune Metro X handle emphasized the importance of adhering to basic instructions for a pleasant commuting experience. Passengers are urged to commence their journey within 20 minutes of purchasing tickets to avoid penalties ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 50.


However, some netizens raised concerns about other issues related to the Pune Metro. One user highlighted the need for first or last-mile connectivity and secure parking at boarding points, suggesting the implementation of electric feeder buses. Another user shared an experience of mistakenly booking tickets for the wrong station, calling for improvements in the ticketing app to suggest suitable stations based on the user’s location.