Pune Metro’s Extended Ruby Hall to Ramwadi Route Nears Operational Approval

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Pune, 20th January 2024: The eagerly anticipated extended service of Pune Metro along the Ruby Hall to Ramwadi route is on the brink of commencement. The meticulous inspection of the line, conducted by a team from the Metro Rail Safety Commissioner, has recently concluded, marking a significant step towards the final approval for metro service operations.

“The ongoing final inspection of the Ruby Hall to Ramwadi Metro line by the Central Metro Rail Safety Commissioner is slated for completion by January 22, paving the way for a crucial decision on the official approval for service initiation”, said Atul Gadgil, Director (Works), Mahametro.

Last week, a team from the Metro Rail Safety Commissioner scrutinized the completed work on the extended route. Subsequently, the final inspection of the Ruby Hall to Ramwadi route commenced on Friday, led by Central Metro Rail Safety Commissioner Janak Kumar Garg. Upon the successful completion of this inspection, the metro service will be poised to receive the official green light.

Earlier attempts to secure inspection and clearance from the Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety faced a hurdle at the Yerwada station, where the stairs encroached upon Nagar road. In response to local opposition and traffic concerns, Mahametro, the metro construction authority, initiated the relocation of these stairs as per the Municipal Corporation’s directive. This led to adjustments in the entrance design of Yerwada station and the subsequent demolition of certain stair pillars. The alterations have now been completed.

A Metro Rail Safety Commissioner team, present in Pune last week, identified some discrepancies during their inspection. Mahametro promptly rectified these errors, ensuring that the extended route adheres to safety standards. Currently, Metro Rail Safety Commissioner Garg is in Pune overseeing the final inspection process.

Upon receiving the commissioner’s approval, Mahametro will correspond with the state government, providing details for the launch of the Ruby Hall to Ramwadi route. The state government will then determine the official commencement date for this eagerly awaited metro extension, as shared by Mahametro PRO Hemant Sonawane.