Rights of Rivers, My Responsibility Campaign Aims to Revitalize Pune’s Water Bodies

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Pune, 20th January 2024: As India prepares to celebrate its Republic Day on January 26, Pune River Revival (PRR), a collective effort of over 60 organizations and individuals committed to the ecological rejuvenation of rivers in Pune, is set to launch the “Rights of Rivers, My Responsibility” campaign.

This initiative focuses on seven rivers in the Bhima Basin of Pune District, namely Mula, Mutha, Ramnadi, Pawana, Indrayani, Bhama, and Bhima. The three-day campaign, running from January 26 to January 28, 2024, aims to raise awareness about the importance of clean and free-flowing rivers.

Renowned Waterman of India, Rajendra Singh, and International River Expert, Parineeta Dandekar, will play key roles in the campaign. Parineeta Dandekar is scheduled to inaugurate the event on January 26, while Rajendra Singh will be the Chief Guest at the concluding ceremony on January 28. RJ Sangram will also be present as the guest of honour, engaging with the youth throughout the campaign.

The initiative aligns with India’s constitutional acknowledgment that a clean and safe natural environment is a fundamental part of citizens’ right to life, and maintaining such an environment is a shared responsibility. The campaign aims to foster collaboration among various organizations, including Jeevitnadi, NAPM, Jalbiradari, Jaldindi Pratisthan, Namami Indrayani Pratisthan, Shri Alandi Dham Seva Samiti, Manharsh Foundation, Ranjai, Rotary Club of Walhekarwadi, Nisargsevak, Sajag Nagrik Manch, and more.

The primary objective is to generate awareness among the public and governmental bodies about the necessity of having clean, free-flowing rivers devoid of sewage and pollution. As part of the campaign, water samples will be collected at various locations along the seven rivers to assess their quality.

Given that clean and living water bodies are crucial for food security and urban sustainability, especially in the face of climate change and ecological degradation, PRR is actively involving schools and colleges to encourage youth participation in safeguarding their future.

The campaign’s activities include:

1. Celebration of the completion of 700 days of chain fasting by Pune citizens through a 24-hour mass fasting at specific locations along all seven rivers.
2. Partial fasting (e.g., skipping a meal) by individuals and groups to support the chain fasting movement.

Activities along the riverside will involve clean-ups, selfies, vlogs, street plays, art displays, and more. To engage the youth, a “Selfie with the River” competition has been organized.

For further details and participation, interested individuals can contact Santosh at 7350105500 or Sandhya at 9370149027.

To know more about the campaign and to participate in it please join the WhatsApp group

This campaign serves as a collective effort to emphasize the integral role of citizens in preserving and revitalizing Pune’s vital water bodies