Pune: Milind Soman To Ride 1000 Km For The Awareness About Environment

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Pune, 19th December 2022: Actor and supermodel Milind Soman is riding a bicycle from Mumbai to Mangalore, covering a distance of 1000 kilometres. Addressing a press conference in Pune today, he spoke at length about the initiative, titled Green Ride 2.0. He explained that he started this initiative last year in order to challenge himself mentally and physically. He eventually decided to ride 1000 km every year to raise awareness about environmental causes. Soman encouraged people to decrease their demands and criticised rampant consumerism.


“We are the ones who want new plastic bags, new gadgets and new items,” he said, “Do we actually need what we are buying? It is up to us as individuals to simplify our lives as much as possible. Because pollution is because of us, it is not because of anybody else.”


Emphasising the importance of healthy living, the supermodel advised people to look for the reason they want to lead healthy lives. He said, “You have to search for a reason to be healthy. What is the important reason? Why do I need to be healthier? Otherwise you will never do it.”


Finally Soman also spoke at length about online trolling. “People have the right to object. Today everybody has a voice. We should be happy. Whether to listen or not to listen is your freedom.”


He also planned to ride a 1000 km next year for Green Ride 3.0, but on a different route.