Pune: Minor Involved in Kalyani Nagar Porsche Incident Completes 300-Word Essay Given As ‘Punishment’

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Pune, July 5th, 2024: On May 19th, a minor driving a Porsche while intoxicated tragically killed two young IT engineers in Pune’s Kalyani Nagar. Initially, the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) imposed minor disciplinary actions, including writing a 300-word essay, and granted bail. However, the decision sparked national outrage and widespread criticism, prompting the JJB to revoke the minor’s bail and place him in a Remand Home. Since then, significant developments have unfolded.

Recently, the Bombay High Court granted bail to the minor. Now, the originally prescribed punishment by the JJB, the 300-word essay, has been completed and submitted, while other penalties will be fulfilled shortly.

The incident exposed attempts by the minor’s influential family to shield him from consequences. They manipulated his blood sample at Sassoon General Hospital to conceal alcohol traces and pressured their family driver to falsely confess to the crime. Consequently, the police have arrested the minor’s grandfather, Surendra Kumar Agarwal, along with his father, Vishal Agarwal, and mother, Shivani Agarwal, in connection with the case.

Initially, following the fatal incident involving the juvenile driving his luxurious Porsche, the Juvenile Justice Board sentenced him to write a 300-word essay. He was also ordered to undergo drug addiction counseling and engage with the Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO) to familiarize himself with traffic rules.

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After approximately 45 days, the minor accused has finally submitted the 300-word essay to the JJB. Efforts are also underway to comply with other conditions, including counseling and the RTO engagement to study traffic regulations.