Pune: Woman Accused of Jewellery Theft Escapes Custody in Hadapsar; Police Constable Suspended

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Hadapsar, 5th July 2024: A woman arrested for stealing jewellery during the Sant Shrestha Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi Ceremony procession has escaped police custody in Hadapsar. Following the escape, police constable Tarabai Ganpat Khandekar has been suspended.

Dhurpata Ashok Bhosale, 31, from Nanded, was arrested by Hadapsar police on Tuesday, 2nd July, for stealing jewellery from women devotees attending the Palkhi Ceremony. She managed to escape police custody the next day, on Wednesday, 3rd July. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 5), R. Raja, suspended constable Khandekar for negligence and irresponsibility in her duties.

Bhosale was caught red-handed while stealing jewellery as devotees gathered in large numbers to witness the Palkhi Ceremony Procession of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj and Sant Tukaram Maharaj in the Hadapsar area. She was taken to Hadapsar Police Station, where constable Khandekar was responsible for her security.

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However, Khandekar left Bhosale unattended while attending to other duties, allowing the accused to escape. Efforts to locate Bhosale, including reviewing CCTV footage, have been unsuccessful. As a result, Khandekar has been suspended from government service for failing to detain the accused properly, tarnishing the image of the police force.