Pune: MLA Dhangekar Demands Accountability Amidst Rising Concerns Over Criminal-Political Connections in Wake of Mohol’s Murder

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Pune, 8th January 2024: Congress MLA Ravindra Dhangekar has levelled serious accusations against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), claiming that Kothrud has become a den for criminals who allegedly support the ruling party. Dhangekar made these allegations during a press conference at the old Zilla Parishad building in Pune, following the recent murder of Gangster Sharad Mohol.


Dhangekar asserted that Kothrud has long been dominated by criminal elements, forming gangs that, according to him, have been supporting the BJP during elections. He alleged that certain criminals associated with the party even move freely with BJP ministers, creating an environment where the police are hesitant to take action against them. This, he claims, has contributed to a rise in criminal activities and an atmosphere of fear in the area.


Expressing concern over the perceived arrogance of rulers and an increase in criminal activities, Dhangekar emphasized that the Congress party is demanding government intervention to rid Kothrud of fear and restore peace. The allegations imply a nexus between criminals and political figures, raising questions about the administration’s ability to maintain law and order.


MLA Dhangekar also expressed apprehension about a growing inclination towards crime among young children in schools and colleges. The environment of fear and the alleged association of criminals with political figures have, according to him, led to an unsettling trend that needs urgent attention from law enforcement and educational institutions.


In addition to his comments on the broader issue of criminal activities, Dhangekar demanded an investigation into the Lalit Patil case. He questioned why there has been no action against Dean Sanjeev Thakur of Sassoon General Hospital and sought answers regarding the political leaders allegedly shielding him.