Pune: Most Driving Licenses Suspended For Triple Seat Riding And Signal Jumping

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Pune, 30th January 2024: The enforcement of traffic regulations in the city has witnessed a significant improvement, with authorities taking stringent action against violators. In the past year, over a thousand vehicle permits have been suspended for periods ranging from 3 to 6 months due to non-compliance with regulations. On average, three drivers are penalized daily for violating traffic rules.

This crackdown on traffic violations is a joint effort between the Traffic Police and the Regional Transport Office (RTO). The names of drivers repeatedly breaking traffic laws are forwarded by the Traffic Police to the RTO. Recommendations for the suspension of permits are made, leading to swift action. The RTO implements the suspension of permits based on the recommendations provided by the police.

Last year alone, the RTO suspended permits for over a thousand drivers. Offences such as driving under the influence of alcohol, overspeeding, jumping signals, not wearing helmets, using mobile phones while driving, overloading vehicles beyond capacity, and exceeding passenger limits have all led to penalties for violators. Information regarding permit suspensions is communicated to the concerned drivers online. If caught driving during the suspension period, drivers may face fines of up to five thousand rupees and their vehicles may be confiscated.

In 2023, the following number of permits were suspended for various violations:

– Jumping signals: 222
– Using mobile phones while driving: 153
– Overspeeding: 170
– Driving under the influence of alcohol: 141
– Triple seat riding: 282

The duration of permit suspensions varies:

– 3 months: For offences such as overspeeding, jumping signals, not wearing helmets, using mobile phones while driving, overloading vehicles, and exceeding passenger limits.
– 6 months: For driving under the influence of alcohol.

Sanjeev Bhor, Regional Transport Officer, emphasized the importance of adhering to traffic regulations and recommended the suspension of permits for violators. This measure is taken primarily to maintain discipline on the roads.

“Once permits are suspended, drivers are not allowed to drive during the suspension period. Following necessary checks and compliance with traffic rules, drivers may regain their permits”, said Shashikant Borate, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic Branch.