Pune: MP Shrirang Barne Urges Government Action Against Pavana River Pollution

Pavana Dam Receives 55 mm Rainfall
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Chinchwad, 5th November 2023: Chemically contaminated water has been discharged into the Pavana river basin, impacting the Ravet embankment and water supplied to city residents. Sanjay Kulkarni, an official from the PCMC’s Environment Department, is under scrutiny for the condition of the Pavana River. Shiv Sena’s Maval MP Srirang Barne has warned of potential legal action against those responsible if the government does not intervene swiftly.


MP Barne has communicated with Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Principal Secretary of the Environment Department Praveen Darade, and PCMC Commissioner Shekhar Singh, urging action against Kulkarni. The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) has also expressed concerns about water pollution, affecting areas from Kiwale to Dapodi along the Pavana River. The situation has resulted in fish fatalities and visible pollution in the river.


Environmental organizations have raised alarms about the pollution issue, which MP Barne contends is not being addressed adequately. He alleges that Sanjay Kulkarni, a Joint City Engineer in the Environment Department, bears responsibility for the river’s contamination. Direct sewage and chemical water discharges into the river basin have persisted without appropriate action. MP Barne has also raised concerns about potential financial conflicts between Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) owners and Kulkarni, prompting calls for government intervention. A letter to the Chief Minister has been submitted, and if the government does not act promptly, MP Barne intends to initiate legal proceedings against Kulkarni for his role in the Pavana River’s pollution.