Pune: MP Supriya Sule Criticizes Unjust Onion Export Ban, Calls for Guaranteed Price

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Daund, 21st February 2024: MP Supriya Sule from the NCP Sharadchandra Pawar Party has raised a crucial question about the unjust ban on onion exports, expressing strong disapproval for its adverse impact on onion producers. She said that the inaction of the Maharashtra State Government in seeking justice for farmers is a cause for concern. Rather than making repeated trips to Delhi to change the guardian minister, there is a call to channel efforts towards securing a guaranteed price for onions.

Addressing reporters in Daund town of Pune district, Supriya Sule criticized both the Center and the Maharashtra government. She expressed concern over the absence of a full-time agriculture minister in the country and accused the government of backtracking on issues of farmers.

Sule asserted that the current Center and Maharashtra government exhibit anti-farmer sentiments. She questioned the Maharashtra government’s apparent animosity towards Nashik district and the onion-growing farmers. Sule urged an inquiry into the reasons behind this hostility. She pointed out that Union Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Piyush Goyal had proposed a solution ten months ago, suggesting a balanced onion export policy that ensures fair compensation for onion producers while keeping onion prices affordable for consumers.

Sule added that the stance of both the Center and the Maharashtra State Government on Onion, Soybean, Cotton, and Ethanol is ambiguous. The unclear policies adopted by both governments are adversely affecting farmers. She emphasized that farmers are facing significant challenges, with no comprehensive loan waivers provided to them. In contrast, Minister of State for Finance of India Dr Bhagwat Karad revealed in the Lok Sabha that loans amounting to one million rupees for big industrialists have been waived off. This inconsistency in approach raises concerns about the prioritization of financial relief between farmers and industrialists.

Supriya Sule clarified that her political stance is not a personal feud against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). She expressed her happiness at the prospect of Yugendra Srinivas Pawar, a member of her family and the nephew of Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, campaigning for her. Sule emphasized that there is no issue with Yugendra Pawar visiting the party office, stating that her political battle is ideological and not directed against any individual, including the BJP.