Pune: MP Supriya Sule Warns Of Street Protest If MSEDCL’s Substation In Bavdhan Not Operational Soon

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Bavdhan, 6th January 2024: Baramati Member of Parliament, Supriya Sule, took to Twitter (X) today expressing concern over the delayed progress in establishing a substation in Bavdhan within the Baramati Lok Sabha Constituency. In a tweet, she highlighted the ongoing pursuit of the Bavdhan substation and the suggested space for its installation. However, no significant developments have been observed, leading Sule to raise questions about a possible deliberate delay.

Sule’s tweet read, “Pursuit of Bavdhan substation in Baramati Lok Sabha Constituency is ongoing. The space required for this was suggested. But still, no movement is seen regarding the substation. This appears to be a form of conscious procrastination. But the citizens are suffering a lot.”

The MP’s message also conveyed the impact of this delay on the citizens, emphasizing their struggles amid the absence of a functioning substation. She appealed to the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) to take serious note of the situation and urged prompt action in initiating the construction of the substation.

Sule issued a warning that if no substantial progress is made within the next fifteen days, she and the citizens are prepared to take their concerns to the streets in the form of a protest.