Pune: MSEDCL Exposes Rs 30 Lakh Electricity Theft At Stone Metal Factory In Wagholi, Case Registered

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Wagholi, 6th October 2021: Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) has uncovered power theft worth Rs 30 lakh 63 thousand which has been going on for the last six months in Shri Ganesh Stone Metal factory at Bhavadi in Wagholi.

In addition to the power theft, the factory will have to pay another Rs 35 lakh in fines. A case has been registered against the director of the factory at Lonikand police station on Tuesday.

According to MSEDCL, Shri Ganesh Stone Metal factory at Bhavdi in Wagholi under Mulshi division has been provided high voltage electricity connection by MSEDCL. However, due to suspicion about the use of electricity in this factory, the system of the electricity meter was inspected. It showed a seal on the electricity meter, broken to make changes. It was also found that the current transformer was bypassed by inserting a loop in the R-phase. So the reading speed in the power meter slowed down. As a result, the readings in the meter were less than the actual electricity used.

As soon as this matter became clear in the investigation of MSEDCL, the power theft was immediately investigated. In the last six months, 94,210 units worth Rs 30 lakh 63,100 have been stolen.

The investigation was done under the guidance of Chief Engineer Sachin Talewar and the team included Superintendent Engineer Rajendra Pawar, Executive Engineer Manik Rathod, Additional Executive Engineer Pramod Babarekar and Shri. Anil Chaudhary, Deputy Executive Engineer Vijay Jadhav, Assistant Engineers Ankush More and Reshma Gurav, Chief Technician Shivaji Padvi.

A case under Section 135 of the Indian Electricity Act 2003 has been registered against Sagar Sitaram Fulsunder, Director, Shri Ganesh Stone Metal Factory.