Pune: MSEDCL Felicitated ‘Corona Power Fighters’

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Pune August 16, 2020: The Pune Regional Office of Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) honoured 16 engineers and technicians from Western Maharashtra for their outstanding performance in providing uninterrupted power supply and customer service regardless of various challenges faced during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


Uninterrupted power supply has been provided to the consumers during the coronavirus outbreak and Nisarg cyclone. The department has selected one branch engineer and technical staff as Corona Power Fighter to felicitate them. In addition to this, a sub-divisional office per circuit wise, a digital branch office working online through the MSEDCL portal and app and an excellent substation-free substation centre were also selected as per the criteria of customer service, recovery and smooth power supply. The Pune Regional Office has started this initiative to increase the appreciation and morale of the employees including administrative reform, full use of technology, excellent customer service.


In the program organised on the occasion of Independence Day, Pune Regional Director Ankush Nale felicitated the Corona Power Warrior Branch Engineer and technical staff of the Pune Circle along with the Digital Branch Office and the best sub-centres were honoured with medals and certificates.

“The pride of the power fighters is representative and all the engineers and staff of the Pune Regional Division have performed well in the harsh conditions of Corona and Nisarg Cyclone,” he said. At this time, Superintendent Engineer Pankaj Tagalpallewar, Shankar Tayde, Poonam Rokade and others were present. Due to COVID-19, the Corona power fighters and offices in Satara, Solapur, Kolhapur, Sangli and Baramati divisions were honoured in the circuit divisional offices.