Pune: Special Police Officers, Cops Cycle With Message Against Depression, Riots

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Dattawadi, August 16, 2020: Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 3) Pournima Gaikwad and Dattawadi police station today organized bicycle rally in all parts of the police station jurisdiction to ensure that special police officers (SPOs) take care of the citizens during the period of coronavirus pandemic. Senior Police Inspector Devidas Gheware, Assistant Police Inspector Nandkumar Kenche, Police Sub Inspector Swapnil Lohar and 28 special police officers participated.

On this occasion, all the SPOs were given identical T-shirts, face masks, hand gloves and a disciplined rally was held as per the discipline of the police force. The special police officers had put up signboards with the slogan “Don’t do rioting inform the police; police are the true friend; Don’t do suicide”.

DCP Gaikwad said that during the COVID19 pandemic, all these special police officers have fulfilled their family responsibilities and worked with the police to help the citizens in need in society. “These special police officers will continue to work to solve various problems including depression among youths and violence against women. The experience of retired police officers, as well as officers from other departments, should be used in this work and they should also guide us”, she added.

Retired Joint Director, Department of Health, Dr BP Gaikwad, Lijjat Papad chairman Suresh Kote, Retired DySP Ashok Shejal, Retired ACP Sanjay Nikam, Retired ASP Jirge, MRSAC Director Dr Sanjay Patil, CSR consultant Santosh More, Chartered Accountant Vijayrao Chhalani and Shivanand Gokhale handed over special certificates and medals.