Pune-Mumbai 45 Minutes Flights Regain Demand, Experts Emphasis Necessity

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Pune, 15th January 2023: After Jet Airways’ shut down in 2019, experts are now restating the necessity of flight services between Mumbai and Pune. Jet Airways would take 45 minutes to cover the distance between the two airports. Following Jet Airways’ shutdown and the pandemic, no flights have been arranged between the two cities.

Some analysts claim that the Mumbai – Pune flying route is now essential because, despite being less dangerous than it once was, road travel is still not very safe. Traffic congestion on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway frequently results in accidents. Resuming the flight path will result in less traffic, and hence, fewer accidents. According to experts, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) must figure out a means to make the route profitable for the airlines.

Experts emphasise that these flight services will not only make travel safer but also result in higher profits for airports and airlines.