Pune-Mumbai Travel: MSRTC’s Shivneri Buses To Ply on Atal Setu in a New Initiative

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Pune, 19th February 2024: The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) is set to operate its premium Shivneri buses on the newly inaugurated Atal Setu. The initiative, launched on a pilot basis, aims to enhance connectivity between Pune and Mumbai, two major cities in Maharashtra.

Commencing from today, two Shivneri buses will depart daily from Pune to Mumbai and make the return journey from Mumbai daily. This strategic decision is poised to provide a seamless and comfortable travel experience for commuters between the two bustling cities.

One notable aspect is that despite the premium service on the Atal Setu route, there will be no change in the fare for Shivneri buses traveling between Mumbai and Pune. The MSRTC is committed to maintaining affordability for passengers while introducing enhanced services and routes.

The Atal Setu, a recently inaugurated bridge, has been a significant infrastructure development aimed at improving connectivity in the region. By integrating the premium Shivneri buses into this route, MSRTC aims to contribute to the efficiency and convenience of travel for commuters.

The decision to implement this pilot program underscores MSRTC’s commitment to exploring innovative approaches to transportation and responding to the evolving needs of passengers. The corporation envisions that this initiative will not only facilitate a smoother commute but also set the stage for potential expansion based on the feedback and success of the pilot phase.